[Video] Buildzoid Straps RX 480 VRM to a GTX 570 Card, Because Why Not…

The Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel marches on this week with its star overclocker Buildzoid showing off his latest feat – taking a VRM that he salvaged from a Radeon RX 480 card, and soldering it onto a GeForce GTX 570 card. The result is what you might refer to as a Franken-GTX 570 card. So why go to all this bother? I’ll let Buildzoid explain:

“I've already done a livestream with the GTX 570 running an E-power on LN2. There's an archive of it on the channel. This is replacing the E-power because I need the E-power for other cards(GTX 590) but I don't like the idea of having a perfectly good GTX 570 lying around non functional and a very dead RX 480 reference card being a wall ornament so I cut the 480 VRM and attached it to the 570.”

The video starts with an explanation of what is going on followed by Buildzoid flicking the power switch to see if the card will actually boot (not burn his house down) and make it into BIOS. It does. He then goes into more details about how the VRM of the RX 480 is managing to do its job in a less than perfect way. However, the upshot is that the GTX 570 card lives on without the use of an Epower board. He finishes up with a quick diagnosis of what needs to happen to make the new VRM more stable and usable; better quality wiring, add heatsinks etc. The rabbit hole runs deep folks.

Catch the video on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel here.

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