The Road to Pro Challenger Series: Round 1 Update, Only Ten Days to Go

Round 1 of the Road to Pro Challenger Series on OC-ESPORTS has been running since the 1st of February and finishes at the end of March, just ten days from now. Let’s take a quick look at the standings in each Division as we move toward the conclusion of the first Road to Pro Round of the 2017 Season.

Pro OC Division - This Division represents the very top tier of the Challenger Division structure, allowing any single CPU with any single GPU. At the top of the table we find US Overclocker Gunslinger who has accrued a total of 49.15 points in the Round so far. In second place on 446.2 points we have jpmboy while jiccman1965 lies in third pace with 441.9 points. It’s interesting to note that the top six positions on the Pro OC Division are currently occupied by US overclockers.

Division I - The Division 1 race is all about benching non-HEDT Intel Core i7 processors with any (non-Titan) GPU. In first place with 458 points we have Japan’s ikki who heads the Division despite not winning any outright stages. Second place belongs to US overclocker hotrod717 with 454 points. Third place goes to jiccman1965 (the same overclocker who holds third place in the Pro OC Division) with 451.6 points.

Division II - Now we come to Division II and the prospect of benching Intel Core i5 chips, with any (non-Titan) GPUs. The top spot currently belongs to Italian overclocker rsannino who is enjoying Round 1 with four stage wins and a total of 478.2 points. Japan’s ikki resides in second place with 465.2 points while (keeping to current form) jiccman1965 again sits in third place, this time with 449.6 points.

Catch the full update article which covers all eight Divisions here on OC-ESPORTS.

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