Throwback Thursday: jpmboy (US) Takes Fire Strike GFP with 2x GeForce GTX Titan X Cards, at Stock!

Almost exactly two years ago to the day Nvidia unleashed their GeForce GTX Titan X cards upon the OC world. Based on the Maxwell architecture, these new $1,000 cards followed up on the original Kepler based Titan cards that had arrived on the market the previous year. We wrote an article back in March of 2015 which highlighted how US overclocker jpmboy had gotten his hands on a pair of Titan X cards. He immediately set the world of Overclocking alight by blowing the doors off the 2x GPU Global First Place for 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme, posting an impressive score of 17,512 marks at stock settings! This is what we wrote almost two years ago to the day:

“That the GeForce GTX Titan X is a fantastically powerful card is something we already know. The card is in fact so powerful it's possible with stock (!) cooling to set new top scores. Jpmboy from the United States - a normal Enthusiast overclocker - managed to score a Global First Place in the 2x GPU 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme category with two of those Titan X graphics cards.”

“For the GFP, Jpmboy makes use of a Core i7 5960X clocked at 4750 MHz with custom water cooling. The dual GeForce GTX Titan X graphics cards are clocked at 1541/2000 MHz, resulting in a score of 17,512 points. That's almost 300 points higher than 8 Pack's GeForce GTX 980 on liquid nitrogen!”

Kudos to Elite overclocker jmpboy who was in fact an enthusiast grade Overclocker just two years ago. Once he had stripped and prepped his two Titan X cards for more serious overclocking, he eventually went on to score 26,403 marks with his cards pushed to 4,600MHz (+53.33%), a score that remains 5th in the 2x GPU rankings to this day.

Read the original news article from 2015 here.

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