Seasonic Embrace New Cybenetics Ratings System for Power Supplies

Seasonic, official HWBOT World Tour 2017 Power Supply partner, have gone that extra mile to prove that their PSUs are truly top notch in terms of efficiency and performance. The company just announced how they have been working with Cybernetics, a new testing company that evaluates and certifies PSUs using a more stringent testing system that also includes noise levels:

[Press Release] In the wake of many years of getting comfortable with 80 plus efficiency ratings of PC power supplies, in the past year a new company has emerged with the aim to take the testing of power supplies to the next level. Cybenetics has devised a revolutionary testing system where power supplies are examined under even more stringent circumstances than previously. This rating system renders all power supplies easily comparable and it also has added a crucial element to the process – the testing of the sound output of the power supplies.

Seasonic was glad to jump on board to assess the performance of their PRIME units to see how they fare against the new Cybenetics test parameters. Seasonic was even happier to receive back the first test results of its flagship units, which without exception have demonstrated that they have passed the highest level of certifications with flying colors.

Find the original Press Release from Seasonic here. New source: TechPowerUp.

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