TiN Publishes GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Uncorking Guide

We just covered the work of EVGA’s overclocker-in-chief k|ngp|n and his exploits pushing an Nvidia GeForce 1080 Ti card to break three Global First Place ranked scores in 3DMark Time Spy, Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme. Nice work once again from Vince, but as many of you may already know, EVGA also has one of the most renowned and respected VGA card modders at their disposal. Yes, I refer to the one and only TiN. The great news today for anyone who is interested in modding a GTX 1080 Ti card specifically for LN2 overclocking, is that TiN recently published a modding guide that covers the topic in glorious detail.

TiN’s ‘Uncorking Guide’ offers several steps that ensure your 1080 Ti card will be equipped for true extreme overclocking under LN2. Step 1 gives you a rundown of the tools that you will need to successfully modify a Founders Edition 1080 Ti card. TiN then offers detailed step-by-step guidance regarding power limit overrides, trim-pot modding guidelines for GPU voltage, memory voltage and PPL voltage, plus a final bonus step about adding additional capacitors.

Here’s a sample of the introduction which compares the GTX 1080 Ti to previous generation cards where the PCB was essentially recycled, much as we find with the Titan X Pascal and the new GTX 1080 Ti card today:

“Interesting to see NVIDIA's return on nerfing memory bus width by unpopulated memory chips on fully routed 384-bit memory bus on PCB. That's happening because reuse of PCB from Titan X (Pascal) card. There is no much point to respin new PCB design, since both Titan X Pascal and GTX 1080 Ti have same package and essentially are same thing, just different configuration of active blocks. This is not a new trick, we saw it years ago on cards like GeForce 8800 GTS and GeForce 9600 GSO, and others. Photo below shows old 8800 GTS card, which I had some 10 years ago. That card had 320-bit bus, derived from full 384-bit GeForce 8800 GTX full G80-based design.”

For anyone interested in how the pros go about modding a GTX 1080 Ti for sub-zero overclocking, this is a great read, as well as a valuable resource. You find the 1080 Ti Uncorked guide here on the HWBOT forum and also here on the Kingpincooling forum. You can also find a similar Uncorking guide for the GTX 1080 here.

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