k|ngp|n Takes Down 3DMark Time Spy, Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme GFP Scores w/ GTX 1080 Ti

The Nvidia 1000 series has been around since the middle of last year, but we had to wait until just five days ago until we finally got what must surely be pinnacle of the Nvidia Pascal series. The GTX 1080 Ti card arrived last week sporting enough horsepower to compete with and in certain circumstances outpace its more expensive Titan XP brother. Is there an opportunity for some truly ground breaking benchmark scores? So far k|ngp|n is proving that in single GPU benching, the GTX 1080 Ti is actually pretty handy, taking down three Global First Place scores from the 3DMark catalogue.

In 3DMark Time Spy k|ngp|n managed a new single GPU high score of 13,291 marks. The score was made with an Intel Core i7 6950X pumped to 5,099MHz (+69.97%) with his GTX 1080 Ti card configured at 2,483MHz (+67.77%) on the GP102 graphics chip and 1,551MHz (+12.72%) for the graphics memory. Other rig details include a G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 kit configured at 3,262MHz (13-13-13-28) using an EVGA X99 MICRO2 motherboard. The new GFP 1x GPU score storms past Canadian marc0053 and his score of 12,548 marks using a Titan X Pascal card.

Two days later Vince tackled 3DMark Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme benchmarks with a slightly altered configuration. His Core i7 6950X was pushed even harder to hit 5.2GHz (+73.33%) with the Pascal GPU also pushed further to 2,531MHz (+71.01%) with graphics memory at 1,589MHz (+15.48%) . The result was a Fire Strike score of 31,560 marks and a Fire Strike Extreme score of 18,778 marks. These two scores edge past Dancop who managed 31,001 marks and 18,043 marks respectively, armed with Titan Pascal cards.

You can find all the scores in the links above and also here on the k|ngp|n user page. . If the image he posted with his Time Spy submission is anything to go by (upper left) then we may be in for some multi-GPU 1080 Ti action some time in the near future.

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