FFOC Offers Members Discount Orders for Thermal Grizzly Paste and Delid-Die-Mate Tool

The French Federation of Overclocking, known more commonly as the FFOC, have managed to pull off a solid deal for its members by securing discounted rates for Thermal Grizzly thermal paste products and der8auer Delid-Die-Mate tools. The FFOC is putting together a group order that amounts to some great prices. All you have to do is become an FFOC member (open to all French-speakers), place your order on this Google Form and you’re set.

The FFOC (or Fédération Française d'OverClocking to give it’s correct name in French) was formed just over a year ago. The mission of the Federation is to promote and develop the French overclocking scene. One way they have been doing this by organizing and promoting overclocking workshop events to bring new overclockers to the scene. These include recent HWBOT X events in St.Benoit and Orleans as well the HWBOT World Tour at Gamers Assembly last year where they helped conduct OC Workshops for attending gamers and enthusiasts. Of course, helping to negotiate discounted prices for OC tools is also a major plus for its members.

To become an FFOC member and benefit from the work that the group is doing to promote overclocking and help all French speaking overclockers, visit the FFOC website here. For specific details regarding the group order for Thermal Grizzly and der8auer products, visit the FFOC Facebook page here.

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