Mr.DB! (Iran) Breaks 8x Core Cinebench R11.5 GFP w/ AMD Ryzen R7 1800X Clocked at 5,469MHz

Just a matter of hours ago Mr.BD!, Iran’s No.1 ranked Overclocker, managed to submit a new Global First Place ranked score for 8x core systems in the Cinebench R11.5 benchmark. The record score of 27.51 points was made using an AMD Ryzen R7 1800X processor pushed to a whopping 5,469.95MHz, an impressive +51.94% beyond stock settings.

In terms of other hardware details, the score was made using a an ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero motherboard and a G.SKILL DDR4 Ripjaws V kit configured at 2,700MHz. The new score edges past the previous highest 8x core submission which was made by Sweden’s Elmor back on launch day at the beginning of the month. Elmor managed a score of 27.4 points pushing an R7 1800X chip to 5,373MHz (+49.25%), a fact that underlines the pretty incredible clocks from Mr.DB! For the sake of interest, the highest ever frequency for an R7 1800X is actually 5,802.93 MHz which was submitted by Der8auer a few weeks ago.

You can find the new Global First Place score from Mr.BD! here, as well as the current 8x core rankings for Cinebench R11.5 here. As (I think) they say in Iran… Khaste nabashid!

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