Rookie Ryzen Rumble #1 Debuts on OC-ESPORTS

Calling all Rookie Overclockers! A few days ago the first ever Rookie Ryzen Rumble got underway on OC-ESPORTS, the first Rookie Rumble contest to focus exclusively on AMD’s new Ryzen series processors. As we all know, AMD unleashed their Ryzen 7 series processors just a couple of weeks ago and the consensus among tech reviewers and enthusiasts is that they’re the best performing CPUs from AMD for a very, very long time. This makes them an interesting choice for Rookie Overclockers willing to check out this entirely new processor platform.

The flagship Ryzen R7 1800X retails for $500 USD, a very decent price for an Octa-core, 16 thread CPU. The fact that it is fully unlocked makes the deal all the more sweeter for Rookie overclockers who want to compete. Of course, as with all new platforms the new Ryzen series is not quite as optimized from the perspective of motherboard BIOSes - a fact that might just make the Rookie Ryzen Rumble an even more interesting challenge.

Rookie Ryzen Rumble #1: March 11th to April 1st 2017 - Read the full news article regarding the find Rookie Ryzen Rumble #1, here on OC-ESPORTS.

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