Actually Hardcore Overclocking News: Ryzen, GTX 1080Ti and More

Buildzoid is back on our YouTube screens with the second edition of Actually Hardcore Overclocking News. This time around he takes on two of the juiciest topics of the day – the emergence of AMD’s Ryzen 7 series and the newly arrived GTX 1080 Ti card from Nvidia.

One topic of interest that Buildzoid tackles in his own unique and rambling way is the implementation of SMT (simultaneous multi-threading) on AMD’s new Zen architecture, Ryzen 7 CPUs. He points out the in fact AMD has never implemented this before on its previous generation CPUs, which means of course that it is brand new. He mentions that we may well see a Windows update to better accommodate AMD’s unique SMT implementation. In general he suggests that software optimization will eventually improve AMD Ryzen experience but regardless of where it is now, AMD have essentially made many Intel HEDT processors effectively obsolete (the only exception being the deca-core Core i7 6950X).

Regarding the new 1080 Ti cards, Builzoid (not surprisingly) has plenty of thoughts including his general disdain for a 'green team' who aren’t always supportive of Overclocking. Pet peeves include intentional obstacles in terms of BIOS modding, power limitations, an overly aggressive safety mode and more. Plenty of issues for green and red team proponents to discuss.

You can find the Actually Hardcore Overclocking News from Buildzoid here on the AHCO YouTube channel.

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