[HWBOT X] Overclocking School in Gipuzkoa, Spain

As the HWBOT X initiative enters its second year, we find that ChentinoX is once again spearheading a push to bring Overclocking to Spain. After organizing overclocking workshops in Mollerussia, Bilbao and Valencia last year, Spanish Overclocking’s biggest proponent turns his attention to the Basque region of Spain, organizing an OC School in the Gipuzkoa province.

The event will be open to all visitors with no entrance fees incurred. It will take place on the weekend of March 17th and 18th. Friday the 17th will start in the evening with a class on Overclocking Theory – a pretty comprehensive introduction to the art of Overclocking from a technical perspective. This will be followed up with a full day of competitive Overclocking on Saturday 18th. Starting at noon, the day kicks off with a qualification session with Overclockers in attendance competing on water cooled systems for a place in the Semi-Finals. Semi-Final matches will take place at 4pm followed by a demonstration of Extreme Overclocking. A Final match will be held followed by an Awards Ceremony. Hardware for event will be provided with the help of sponsors, including HWBOT.

A live stream of the event will be hosted on Chentino's Twitch channel which you can find here. You can find more details about the event by visiting the Giukoa OC School listing here on HWBOT X.

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