Pushing AMD Ryzen: ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero Overclocking Guide

If you have invested in an AMD Ryzen 7 series processor and opted for an ASUS ROG Crosshair VI motherboard then you may well be stoked to find that the ASUS team have put together an Overclocking Guide just for you. The guide covers a great deal of detail that will be a valuable resource for anyone hoping to get the most their new Zen-based processors.

The new Ryzen 7 processor series arrived with bang at the tail end of last week. As one of the most highly anticipated launches for a long, long time, it proved to worth the wait. AMD have finally managed to bring to market a product that competes with high-performance equivalents from Intel, in most cases doing so at way lower price points. The buzz may have died down a notch in the tech media, but for Overclockers, now is the time to start pushing the new Ryzen chips to see just how much performance can be squeezed out of the new ‘Zen’ architecture.

The guide was originally penned by Elmor and posted on the HWBOT forums, and was reposted with permission on the Overclocking.Guide website. It’s pretty detailed, covering plenty of essential topics include general advice and information about the ROG Crosshair Hero board, I/O configurations related to PCIe, USB and SATA, specific advice about LN2 cooling, plus advice on DDR4 ratios, safe voltages and POST codes. What more could you ask for?

Find the full and detailed AMD Ryzen Overclocking Guide for the ROG Crosshair Hero motherboard here on the Overclocking.Guide site.

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