OC-ESPORTS Roundup: February 2017

It’s time once again to take a look at the month that just ended and take in all the scores, submissions and more that took place in February 2017. As months go, it wasn’t one of our busiest on OC-ESPORTS. Regardless, we did have a HWBOT World Tour stop in Brazil which featured an Overclocking world Championship Qualifier contest, plus the conclusion of the Old School is Best School Round 2 contest, the Rookie Rumble #40 and the VRMark Challenge contest. In short, plenty for us to work with. Let’s begin however with a look at the current rankings for individuals and teams on OC-ESPORTS:

Official World Overclocking Rankings - February 2017

Last month we noted how Italian Overclocker Delly had managed to top the OC-ESPORTS rankings with a score of 165 points. At the end of February, we find that his points tally has now been reduced to 144 points, an outcome which relegates him to 7th place in the current rankings. In top spot we find US Overclocker Menthol with a haul of 210 points, ahead of second placed topyoyoguybest, a Rookie overclocker with 157 points. Menthol owes his points total to some good work in the VRMark Challenge contest and his ongoing to assault on the Challenger Divisions, including the Pro OC Division where he is currently ranked in third place.

Topyoyoguybest (US) has excelled in both the recent Rookie Rumble #40 contest where he won the round, and the ongoing #41 contest where again he currently leads. These two contests alone represent 100 points. His work in the Challenger Divisions and VRMark Challenge currently keep him above 3rd placed jiccman1965, also from the US. Jiccman1965 has 165 points, again having worked hard in the Challenger Divisions and the VRMark Challenge.

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