AMD Ryzen 7 Series Launched: Overclockers Club Investigate

This morning we finally arrived at one of the most eagerly anticipated processor launches for a long, long time. Yes. Ryzen is finally here, and so are the multitude of media reviews that typically accompany a lunch of this magnitude. Mr ccokeman at Overclockers Club has completed his review, which includes a few words about how the new platform Overclocks, including some thoughts on the new AMD Ryzen Master utility.

”Getting a bit more performance out of this trio of R7 Ryzen chips was fairly simple. Using AMD's Ryzen Master application was pretty much a one stop shop when it came to boosting clock speeds. The manufacturers' tools were just simple to use, resulting in easy to attain stable overclocks. AMD offers plenty of granularity when it comes to boosting core clock speed by breaking down the base core clock multiplier ratios into fourths, giving you 25MHz increments rather than jumping 100MHz at a time.”

“Overclocking did not boost the single threaded results by large margins on the R7 1800X, but on the lower boost clock chips I saw some performance increases. When you push the all core overclocks, the performance scaled very well. The only disappointment for me was I did not reach the "majority" 4.2 to 4.3GHz all core overclocks. Best case scenario I was between 4.0GHz on the R7 1700X and 4.1GHz on the R7 1700. Could it be a limit on the board? No telling until I put the chips in the ASUS Crosshair Hero and MSI Titanium X370 boards to validate the clock speed results.”

Read the full review article from here.

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