[Video] Der8auer Explores AMD Ryzen Delidding

Our buddy Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung has just uploaded a video that discuss in some detail the necessity (or lack of necessity) of delidding AMD Ryzen processors. After explaining several reasons for not actually needing to delid a Ryzen 7 1700, Roman goes ahead and shows us how to do it anyway. What a guy!

When it comes to getting the absolute maximum performance from Intel’s latest Kaby Lake and Skylake processors, especially when sub-zero cooling, serious Overclockers opt to delid. Delidding is the process of removing the integrated heat sink (IHS) and replacing the rather mediocre thermal interface material (TIM) that Intel uses to connect the die to the HIS with something much more effective like liquid metal. The benefits of delidding include lower temperatures under full load and the potential for higher frequencies.

When it comes to Ryzen do serious Overclockers have to consider delidding? The short answer, according to Roman, is no. The IHS of AMD’s new desktop processors is actually soldered on to the die. No inferior TIM is used, therefore it expected that replacing the solder with liquid metal will in all likelihood achieve very little. Regardless Roman goes on to show us exactly how an AMD Ryzen can in fact still be delided.

The delid process for AMD processors is not the walk in the park that Intel’s newer chips enjoy. Thanks to innovations such as the Delid Die Mate from der8auer, the process of delidding Intel CPUs is actually relatively pain free. For AMD’s Ryzen however, it’s a much more ‘old school’ process that involves razors, knife blades and heat blocks. Plus a degree of patience and a willingness to accept that you may just brick your chip in the process if you are not fortunate.

You can check the full video from der8auer for yourself and learn all there is to know about delidding Ryzen. Enjoy!

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