Throwback Thursday: Steelrat and MaJ0r Win Ukrainian OC Championship 2010

Today we want to take you back to a day in 2010 when sponsors GIGABYTE, Intel and Kingston helped organize the first ever Ukrainian Overclocking Championship. Held in Kiev on March 20th 2010, the contest involved teams of two Overclockers and was open to all Ukrainian Overclockers. In terms of hardware the contest involved benching on Intel’s ‘Clarkdale’ architecture Core i3-530 processors, GIGABYTE P55-UD3R motherboards, plus Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 cards. To spice things up, processors were limited to 3,600MHz meaning that combatants had to rely largely on their OS and memory tweaking skills. At the end of the contest the Steelrat and MaJ0r team claimed the win. Here’s what we wrote back on March 26th 2010:

“The concept of this overclocking competition was a bit different from what we normally see: no voltage modifications, not liquid nitrogen. The frequency of the CPU was limited to 3600MHz and the graphics card had to be run at stock frequencies, so the overclockers had to find the optimal combination of QPI and memory frequency as well as memory timings, tweaking the operating system and so on. Using a benchmark such as 3DMark01 is very interesting for this type of competition, hence why it was, together with SuperPI 1M, the main target for this competition.”

“No world records were broken, obviously, but the competition did have a winning team formed by Steelrat and MaJ0r. Current HWBOT Ukrainia leader finished second.”

You can find the original article from March 2010 here.

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