Open Benchtable 'Spare Parts Pack' Now Available

Here's some news we just picked up from the Open Benchtable project. They are now offering a ‘Spare Parts Pack’ that includes all of the small, loose components that come with the Open Benchtable; these include standoffs, thumbscrews and brackets – basically all the wee parts that you might need, or indeed lose. This is especially true if like me, you share a house with cats and have virtually no chance of keeping the original kit of screws intact:

“The design of the Open Benchtable tries its utmost to negate the problem of missing components by using a single place to keep them all secure – the main body of the table. As anyone who has used the Open benchtable will tell you, the uniquely integrated nature of the design really helps keep things tidy while also reducing the odds of them going missing.

“However, after listening to the feedback from customers, it’s clear that some users consider missing screws to be a simple fact of life. Screws go missing – that is simply the nature of screws. To remedy this situation, we have put together an OBT Spare Parts Pack. The Pack contains a full compliment of the loose components that are supplied as standard with both the Community Edition Open Benchtable (now sold out), the new Open Benchtable Edition and the BC1 as sold by our retail partners around the world.

You can learn more about the OBT Spare Parts Pack here on the Open Benchtable website.

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