Throwback Thursday: Der8auer, Vivi and Rbauss Discuss LN2 Usage and Costs

This Thursday we take you back just three years to a day back in February 2014 when Massmanand Xyala interviewed three of the world’s most respected and influential Overclockers on the topic of liquid nitrogen. Love it or hate it, LN2 is the Extreme Overclockers most prized weapon when it comes to breaking records and pushing the boundaries of performance. Ask World No.1 Dancop, once someone introduces to sub-zero overclocking, there’s no way back. But how much does it cost to have a dewar or two of LN2 on hand in the man cave? What about additional costs for tools and accessories? All issues discussed in this interview with der8auer (Germany), Vivi (South Africa) and Rbauss (Brazil).

“Why would an overclocker change to liquid nitrogen cooling?”

Vivi: Overclockers always want more performance and a higher overclock. They know the only way to get it is with better cooling. To eliminate the cooling problem, you use liquid nitrogen as it can take the component to its coldest and/or best operating temperature. Then you are free to go for the highest possible overclock.

Rbuass: I also believe it is a quest for more performance. Many enthusiast overclockers feel that if they want to do better scores, they don’t want to be limited by the enthusiast-grade cooling anymore. So in search of the maximum, they gather all their courage and go extreme!

Der8auer: We all started as normal overclockers using air- or water cooling. However there is always the point where you hit the thermal limit of your setup. You can raise the voltage of your CPU or GPU but you won’t be able to clock higher. The conclusion is that you need a lower temperature to achieve better results. Participating in HWBOT rankings means competing with the rest of the world so in order to improve your ranking you have to step up to a better cooling solution such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Catch the full interview from February 12th 2014 here.

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