HWBOT Poll: Will You Purchase AMD Ryzan on Launch Day?

A few weeks we posted a discreet wee poll on the lower right side of the front page of the HWBOT site. The poll was an attempt to gauge the anticipation levels within the HWBOT membership towards forthcoming AMD Ryzan processors. After almost a month of voting we can now draw your attention to the results which generally seem to indicate that a large portion of the HWBOT community is actually pretty excited.

In the last few months and weeks we’ve seen a great deal of leaks and small nuggets of information that pertain to AMD’s new range of high-performance desktop PC processors. We have a brand name, Ryzan, the specifications in terms of core and thread count with pretty reliable clock speed data, and more recently several indications regarding expected performance levels. More and more we find that both tech media and PC enthusiasts around the world are beginning to actually believe that a true renaissance is possible for AMD in the high-performance space – a notion that would have been frankly untenable a year or so ago.

Despite the leaks, the rumors and official news from AMD, there will always remain a segment of the Overclocking scene who remain cynical as to AMD’s chances of ever truly competing with Intel as they did a decade or so ago. Indeed, for many newer HWBOT members, Intel has been the only processor vendor worthy of Overclocking, ever. So, we decided to ask the question – will you give AMD a chance when Ryzan finally arrives on store shelves?

The poll data (shown on the left) reveals a community that is somewhat divided. From a sample of 567 votes we find more than 42% are just not interested. Whether these voters are true Intel enthusiasts (or fanboys) remains unclear. It may well be that they simply don’t think AMD has a chance of reclaiming its former glory, and regard the media hype as unreliable. Either way, a large portion of the community remain unconvinced.

Alternatively however, almost a third of all members polled are already sold on Ryzan and are prepared to invest in an AMD chip at launch, be it quad-core, octa-core or whatever. Additionally, we have those who prefer to wait and see. A significant 28.57% of voters would invest in Ryzan if the benchmarks are good. So far, from what the media is reporting (or leaking) it seems that Ryzan will indeed be a very significant boost for AMD over previous gen processors, a fact that may well entice those currently perched on the proverbial fence.

Generally speaking, the poll results point to a degree of optimism for a large section of the community towards Ryzan. At the very least, it means a major leap in interest levels for AMD on HWBOT, the biggest leap we have seen in quite a while.

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