[HWBOT X] HwBox and GIGABYTE Host Overclocking Gathering in Piraeus, Greece

Here’s some news fresh from the HWBOT X website that covers an Overclocking Gathering that was held at the HwBox headquarters in Piraeus, Greece just a week or so ago. By the sounds of it, the event managed to get virtually all of the country’s OC talent, past and present, in one space. The meet up garnered quite a few Hardware First Place scores, mostly combining Kaby Lake with several classic Radeon HD 5XXX and 4XXX cards:

“In attendance were many of Greece’s most respected Oveclockers, including a few faces that may not be active benchers today, harking back to the origins of Greek Overclocking. The attendee list included Phil, mortisboy, Demac, Firekiller, kintaro, varachio, $@39@, Gorillakos, MetallicGR, Astalavista, AMDnord, storm1978, greekphantom and others – pretty much a who’s who list of the most important Overclockers in the country.”

“As key event sponsors GIGABYTE provided a great introduction to the new Z270 platform from Intel, giving all Greek masters at the event a chance to get to know the GIGABYTE Z270X-Gaming-SOC motherboard. Coupled with the latest Intel Core i7 77700L processors, the was plenty of LN2 on hand for the gathering.”

“After a fun weekend of Extreme Overclocking, several attendees managed to submit scores that would gain points as Hardware First Place rankings. These included scores and submissions from OGS, mortisboy, Greek Phantom and Sofos1990. Using a mix of Radeon HD 5970, Radeon HD 5870, Radeon HD 5770 cards, plus Radeon HD 4870 and R9 270X cards the gathering turned out to be a veritable points harvest for the HwBox Hellas Team, of which all attendees are a member.”

Read the full blog post about the HwBox and GIGABYTE Gathering here on the HWBOT X website.

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