KingpinCooling Launches KPC Inferno Hot Plate, with Installation Guide

KingpinCooling have just added a new product to their range of Extreme Cooling products, launching the KPC INFERNO Hot Plate Kit. It might seem somewhat counter intuitive (or at least it did to me initially) to have a product that actually prevents parts of your rig reach from getting really cold. However that is exactly what the KPC Inferno is all about. The Inferno is essentially an automatic, sensor driven heat plate that is designed to keep specific areas of the motherboard PCB from becoming too cold during prolonged sub zero benching sessions.

To coincide with the launch of the KPC Inferno, Vince has also written an installation guide which also explains the motives behind the creation of the product and the specific issues that it can address:

“The new heater plate kit was designed to keep the surrounding PCB socket area as well as dimm slot area and cpu vrm from excess freezing. When using most forms of sub zero cooling, it can actually cause bad performance/signaling, cold related problems on the motherboard PCB itself, as well as water and ice everywhere which can lead to shorting and eventual hardware failure. Using the plate regularly can add hours and hours to bench sessions while greatly extending the life of motherboards when using extreme cooling. These kits are designed as a bolt on upgrade for ALL KPC CPU containers, past, present, AND future.”

“KPC Inferno plate does everything automatically and efficiently as possible, all user needs to do is plug into 6 pin PCI-E connector on system PSU and that's it! From phase change cooling(-40c to -60c), to Dry Ice(-55c to -70c), to Cascade cooling(-80c to -120c), to full out LN2 cooling and beyond(-193c to ***), the inferno can calibrate and tune itself according to negative thermal loading on the PCB.”

You can find the LPC Inferno product page here on, as well as the installation guide here on the KPC forum.

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