Max1024 Pushes Intel Pentium MMX to 500MHz+

As well as pushing the latest and greatest hardware to increasingly dizzying heights here on HWBOT, many of our members also have an undying thirst for truly retro hardware. A great example of a passionate retro-style Overclocker is Belarusian max1024 who recently caught our eye when he submitted a very impressive result using an Intel Pentium MMX chip.

The Pentium MMX processor was an updated version of the first Pentium, or Pentium 1 processor line. It featured an updated instruction set that was introduced by Intel in 1997 on its P5-based Pentium line of microprocessors under the moniker of ‘Pentium with MMX Technology’. Max1024 took a Pentium MMX 266MHz (in those days frequencies were used as model names), which he then pushed to 500MHz (+87.97%). Max1024 is in fact only the second Overclocker to have breached the 500MHz barrier with this chip – a massive feat that deserves plenty of respect.

This configuration may not be the fastest CPU clock for a Pentium MMX chip (that status belongs to Russia’s Gradu who managed a clock of 501.5MHz just a year ago), but max1024’s efforts have seen him pick up several Global First Place ranked scores using this chip. These include GFPs for PiFast, SuperPi 1M, Wprime 32M, PCMark04 and HWBOT Prime. The rig used was based around a Texas Micro MI5VP4 motherboard which was equipped with a VIA Apollo MVP4 chipset, plus 128MB of SDR memory (2-2-2-5 1T), and an Nvidia GeForce2 MX400 PCI card at stock settings.

You can check out the Pentium MMX 500MHz submission from max1024 here, along with all the GFP submissions here on the TMC MI5VP4 board page here.

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