GTX 480 (825/1100 MHZ) vs. HD 5870 (975/1300 MHz), Overclocked Performance Analysis, Part 2

I would've expected more from an overclocked HD 5870, to be honest ...

This conclusion is a short one and it dictated itself. The HD 5870 overclocks solidly in many cases and once overclocked to about 975/1300 MHz it will in many cases catch the stock GTX 480 when performance is already reasonably close. However, the GTX 480 when it is overclocked also turns into a performance monster and in many cases now runs away from even the overclocked HD 5870. This bodes very well for GF100 Fermi architecture and indicates that NVIDIA has very solid scalable new architecture to build on although it is still on an improving process.

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