The Overclocker #40: Q&A with (Jonathon) “0J0” (Horne), ASUS Maximux IX Apex Review and More

The latest edition of The Overclocker Magazine is now available via Joomag. It’s one of very few publications available that truly focuses on the world of Overclocking, offering interviews, reviews and insights that make a damn good read for any serious Overclcocker. As always Edition #40 of The Overclocker pack plenty of great content between its sleeves including an interview with South African overclocker 0j0, reviews of the latest ASUS Maximus IX Apex motherboard, the Aorus Z270X-Gaming 8 motherboard and the ASUS $X480 Strix VGAcard. There’s also a piece covering the Corsair’s Platinum Special Edition Dominator DDR4 kit, plus a look at the Intel’s Kaby Lake and the latest Battlefield 1 shooter. Plenty to enjoy, for sure.

Here’s a sample of the fascinating 0j0 interview : “My first overclock was an accident on Socket 7 when I set the FSB (using jumpers on the motherboard) on my Pentium 120 to 66MHz by accident and ended up with it running at 133MHz. Back then I didn't have Internet and there was no coverage of overclocking in local magazines so I had no idea that what I was doing was actually a "thing." It was only the following year that I started buying cheap imported magazines and learned some of the ins and outs, leading to my first purposeful overclock on a Celeron 300A (I still have it to this day) and then the discovery of PowerStrip to 6 overclock my TNT2. I overclocked it to get better performance in the games I was playing back then, and that remained the reason to overclock for over a decade. These days I do it purely for fun - my 24/7 rig is running stock these days.

Regarding the ASUS Maximus IX Apex motherboard: ”This is an overclocking board, not by name only or via meaningless adjectives and deplorable attempts at being “hip” that are often thrown about. The APEX is genuinely an overclocking motherboard, which makes some concessions to those who may wish to under utilize it by sticking it in a box. This one is built for extreme overclocking and it seems to be where it is most comfortable. In the short stint one had with the motherboard and some LN2, despite some stability issues related entirely to some faulty operating systems, it was a breeze to overclock. Add the ability to eliminate completely the dreaded cold boot bug (CBB). It was the most OC friendly motherboard one has used ever.

You can find The Overclocker issue #40 here at

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