Humble Bundle for PC Lovers Offers Futuremark Titles for a Dollar Up

We’ve just gotten wind of a really great offer from Humble Bundle, Inc. They are currently offering a ‘Humble Software Bundle for PC Lovers’ which includes a bunch of useful PC utilities including 3DMark Advanced Edition, PCMark 8 Advanced Edition and VRMark Advanced Edition. The way Humble Bundle deals work, you can pay any price for the software bundle starting from 1$, with a proportion of the cash going to charity.

Humble Bundle is a essentially a digital storefront that offers video games, software utilities, books and audio books. The idea is that consumers basically pay what they think the bundle is worth to them with a minimum price of 1$. When purchasing a bundle you are of course expected to be as generous as possible (the average price paid is actually $5.58) as a proportion of the money will go to charity. Charities supported by Humble Bundle, Inc include Child's Play, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water, the American Red Cross and the Wikimedia Foundation.

The ‘Humble Software Bundle for PC Lovers’ offer expires on February 28th and includes the following ten software titles, which collectively are actually worth $333 USD:

  • - 3DMark Advanced Edition
  • - PCMark 8 Advanced Edition
  • - VRMark Advanced Edition
  • - AirParrot 2 (two-pack)
  • - Backblaze Online Backup
  • - DAEMON Tools Pro 8
  • - Dashlane Premium
  • - EaseUS Partition
  • - Master Pro 11.9
  • - System Mechanic 16.5

You can find more details about the ‘Humble Software Bundle for PC Lovers’ here on the Humble Bundle website.

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