MSI R5830 Twin Frozr II review

Low-end cards are now getting equipped with the Twin Frozr II cooling ...

So while we think that the R5830 in general was 'castrated' a little too much by ATI, we do feel that MSI certainly delivered a hugely interesting product. Aesthetically it's the most beautiful 5830 you'll find on the market, period. Next to that we see the high-quality component design being used on the PCB, that increases overclock potential but also lifespan. Great stuff. MSI tops it off with the Twin Frozr II cooler. Though that cooler looks brilliant we do feel that performance wise it does not add much over the reference cooler. It's also roughly as noisy as the reference cooler and unfortunately the design dumps it's residual heat inside the PC and is not exhausting it outside the PC. We'll keep repeating this MSI, it's not all about the looks. This cooler could be improved quite a bit on many levels.

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