Hardware Asylum Podcast #72: Kaby Lake Delidding and Gaming Hardware Needs to Grow Up

Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain return with their latest Hardware Asylum podcast. Podcast #72 takes on the subject of Kaby Lake delidding while also asking the question of whether or not PC ‘gaming’ hardware has to basically grow up:

Delidding the Core i7 7700K

Overclocking with current LGA 115x processors can be a little difficult due to how the processors are assembled. When Ivy Bridge (Core i7 3700K) launched Intel decided to stop soldering the top of the processor to the heatspreader. As a result the thermal connection was not as efficient and impacted heat limited overclocking. Since then delidding has become a popular solution to make the connection more efficient and while there are some real dangers it is a pretty harmless process.

Gaming hardware needs to grow up

PCGamer posted an interesting piece on the current state of computer hardware, more specifically, gaming hardware. In this segment Dennis and Darren have an adhoc discussion about the article and how current trends actually mimic how things have progressed in the past but, seem to bother us more.

In case you haven’t heard, RGB lighting is all the rage, it isn’t “our” rage but is being forced on to us because someone felt it was needed. Admittedly most of the RGB lighting craze started with the launch of the MSI X99 Godlike and how much of an impression it made at Computex 2015. Since then companies have been working hard to add RGB lighting to everything from memory modules (which has been done before), motherboards, video cards, heatinks, water cooling components, cases, fans (which has also been done before), mice, keyboards and the list goes on.

Catch the full podcast here on Hardware Asylum.

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