Buildzoid OC Livestream 28: Pushing a BIOS Modded ASUS RX 480 STRIX

We all love a good old fashioned overclocking live stream once and while and arguably, nobody is doing more of recently it than Buildzoid. Buildzoid has quickly established himself in the last year or so as one of the most watched hardcore overclockers on YouTube and Twitch. His latest live OC adventure involves pushing an ASUS RX 480 STRIX card on his standard 3D benching rig, employing a number of tactics to increase performance along the way, including BIOS modding.

The AMD RX 480 GPU that Buildzoid is playing with is admittedly not the best pick of the draw, a fact that acts as motivation for him to try and push it even further. The rig he’s using features a Core i7 6950X, cooled by a custom water loop which uses an EK Supremacy MX block with a radiator and 3x 40mm fans. The motherboard is an MSI X99A XPOWER with 16GB of Geil SUPER LUCE DDR4 memory at 3400MHZ (14-18-18-28 timings) at 1.75v.

As you might expect the session starts with Buildzoid establishing a baseline score at stock settings for the RX 480, running various benchmarks including 3DMark Fire Strike to do some basic testing. In terms of software he prefers to tweak the GPU settings with TriXX 3.0 from Sappphire. In typical Buildzoid style he addresses questions from the chat stream as he works while addressing specific issues that he encounters with plenty of hints and tips along the way.

The live stream lasts a few hours and actually spans three YouTube videos. For anyone looking to learn more about 3D overclocking with GPUs on air, this is a great watch. You can find all three videos here on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking channel.

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