Throwback Thursday: January's Busy Bees Break Submissions Record in 2011

Seeing as today is Thursday February 9th 2017, it’s time again to revisit a day in the relatively distant past that sufficiently tickles our nostalgia glands. This time we refer you back to January 2011, a month which at that time was actually the biggest and indeed busiest month that HWBOT had ever experienced. Massman published the article to highlight January 2011 figures regarding membership numbers and results submitted. At that time we were looking at 1,701 members posting 17,458 results. Impressive stuff, but how does it compare to January 2017? Well, before we get to that, let’s look at what Massman had to say almost six years ago to the day:

“I just went over the statistics of last month and discovered it was the bussiest month HWBOT has ever seen! No less than 1701 overclockers logged in on their account and submit one of the 17458 results we've stored in our database this month. History dictates it's not very common that this record is broken two months in a row, but if the trend of the first five days of February continues, we should see this month end up in the top-3. And, as we all know, that still gains us a silver or bronze Cup! Congrats all!”

If we fast forward six years to focus in on January 2017, we a pretty stark difference in the numbers. January 2017 saw a total of 34,000 submission, well over double of what we were looking at in 2011. In terms of active members, this year we saw more than 4,000 members. In both instances HWBOT saw a busy month because of new Intel processors coming to market. Sandy Bridge was clearly well received, as is Kaby Lake today.

You can find the original article from February 2011 right here.

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