[Video] Der8auer Recalls ASUS Absolute Zero Event and Taipei Trip (Eng Subs Available)

Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung has just posted an extremely interesting video where he goes into some detail describing his experience at the ASUS Absolute Zero OC event that took place earlier this year. He was one of a small group of overclockers that were invited to get an early hands on session with Kaby Lake at the ASUS headquarters in Taipei. The video documents not only the benching session (which was pretty epic by all accounts) but also the whole experience of visiting the island of Formosa.

Prior to Intel’s Kaby Lake launch at CES in Vegas last month, ASUS wanted to make sure that the performance of their flagship motherboards was absolutely top notch. The solution? Invite a few of the most respected Overclockers in the world to company HQ and have them push the new chips and the new boards to the absolute max. And when I say absolute, I’m not exaggerating – the company forked out for a canister or two of liquid helium, a pretty volatile substance that can take a CPU as low -269oC. After several days of thorough testing for maximum current and voltage levels, a tray full of dead CPUs and some serious attention to detail, a whole bunch of World Records were prepped to tumble on launch day.

But as well covering what Roman describes as a mega brilliant experience (translated from German...) at the Absolute Zero event, the video also covers some of his experiences in Taipei. From hiking in the mountains on the edge of the city, to visiting the Guang Hua technology market, a paradise for any tech minded individual.

You can check out the video from Roman here on the der8auer Youtube channel. If like me, your German isn't so great, just click the subtitles button. A kind soul has provided some solid English subs for us.

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