DrWeez Unboxes and Gets Hands On with the Open Benchtable

The Open Benchtable has been in the hands of several reviewers including LinusTechTips and HotHardware. In both examples the reviewers were heartily impressed by what they saw as a really innovative, well made and unique product. Although the Open Benchtable was designed and perfected by Overclockers, primarily for Overclockers, we haven’t actually seen too many Overclockers get hands on. That’s why was great to see that the OBT site recent blogged about a video stream from DrWeez who gives us footage of his first experience with the OBT from an Elite Overclocker’s perspective:

“DrWeez is the current No.1 Overclocker in South Africa, recently competing in the World Championship Final and other high profile contests around the world. He was fortunate enough to be one of the overclockers who tried the initial prototype OBT, which puts him in prime position to assess the latest design of the Community Edition. The intelligent, integrated design of the feet, stand-offs and screws for example is something that he found really impressive.”

“The main motivation for unboxing his Open Benchtable and getting it setup as his primary test-bed is that DrWeez intends to do some testing and preparation for a 4-way graphics card setup involving four GTX 980 Ti cards. The OBT is of course designed to support four graphics cards, and will make a solid foundation for the session.”

Read the full article on the OBT website here. You can also find the video from DrWeez here on his YouTube channel.

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