Anandtech Review the Intel Core i3 7350K

There were plenty of arguments for and against Intel launching a K SKU Core i3 processor prior to the launch of its latest Kaby Lake series of processors. The primary one in favor being that it would allow PC builders on a budget to get more performance from a cheaper part by going into the BIOS and having some fun tweaking the settings. For a well reasoned argument for a Core i3 K SKU look no further than this article penned by our very own Massman.

Either way it’s clear that Intel were swayed into the idea that a Core i3 K model would in no way cannibalize its more expensive offerings, launching the Core i3 7350K. Today we came across an in depth look at the new Core i3 7350K from our Dr Ian Cutress at Anandtech. Ian examines the technical details of the new chip, its position within the Kaby Lake hierarchy and of course just how valuable it could be to enthusiasts looking for more bang for their buck:

“For some intrepid enthusiasts, this is the chip from Intel we’ve been waiting for. I foolishly predicted that Intel would never create an overclockable Core i3, because it had the potential to drive sales away from high-margin products. But here we are, Core i3-7350K in hand, and the ability to drive almost 5.0 GHz without too much trouble. This raises a couple of questions: just how close is it to the cheapest Core i5-7400 out of the box, which is only a few dollars more, and how close is it to the Core i7-2600K, a favorite chip among enthusiasts who have not yet upgraded.”

You can read the full (and very detailed) article here on Anandtech.

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