Dan007 Wins HWBOT World Tour – Sao Paulo 2017 Ambient Championship

The HWBOT World Tour continued yesterday (or earlier this morning depending on where you live) with the amateur, or ambient stages of the Sao Paulo – 2017 event. The combatants were of course attendees at the Campus Party in Sao Paulo, Brazil. All attendees were invited to learn the basics of system tweaking and then encouraged to try and score as highly as possible in the Intel XTU benchmark. The great news is that this year the team saw a record 151 amateurs make a submission on the OC-ESPORTS platform, beating last years’ figure of 143.

All overclockers were pushing rigs with Intel Core i7 7700K processors, Z170X-Gaming 5 motherboards from GIGABYTE, DDR4 memory and SSDs from HyperX and of course PSUs from World Tour partner Seasonic. After a preliminary round where RafaelMeega managed to beat LuanArus with an XTU score of 2,525 points to his opponent’s 2,497 points, a Semi-Final tie was setup between Vailafihao and RafaelMeega.

In Semi Final 1 LucasCross1 managed a score of 2,699 after the standard two runs, swapping systems mid way. This was not enough to overcome Dann007 who hit 2,724 points. Semi Final 2 saw RafaelMeega take on Vailafilhao. In the end it was Vailafilhao who stormed to victory with 2,733 points, the highest score of the tournament so far.

Catch the full article here on the HWBOT World Tour website.

Make sure to tune in to the Overclocking-TV Twitch live stream for the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier contest later today.

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