mllrkllr88 (US) Wins Geekbench3 Memory Challenge

Running from November 27th to January 31st, the contest was in actual fact an experiment of sorts. When it comes to memory benchmarks there isn't always a great deal of choice. The Geekbench3 Memory Challenge was devised to give Overclockers an opportunity to try out the memory sub test of the Geekbench3 suite, with the view of perhaps using it more often as memory benchmark in subsequent contests on OC-ESPORTS. The contest was divided into two stages, one based on DDR3 memory, the other on DDR4. Both Stages involved only the Single-Core scores. No Kaby Lake processors allowed in Stage 2.

In Stage 1 we find German overclocker aerotracks showing his talent to score of 5,901 points . He opted for a Intel Core i7 4770K clocked at 5,545MHz (+58.43%) with a G.SKILL Pi 4GB kit clocked at 1,386MHz (CL8 13-8-28 1T) using an ASRock Z97 OC Formula motherboard. In second place we have UK Overclocker Noxinite and a score of 5,892 points using a Core i5 4670K clocked at 5,149MHz (+51.47%) plus an 8GB kit clocked at 1,382MHz (CL8 13-9-28 1T). Germany’s H.E.A.L arrives in third place with 5,611 points while eventual contest winner mllrkllr88 scored 5,601 points.

In Stage 2 however we see an entirely different looking top four with US overclocker Johnd0e scoring highest with 8,642 points . He opted for a Core i3 6320 pushed to 5,197MHz (+33.28%) accompanied by a G.SKILL Trident Z 16GB kit clocked at 2,133MHz (CL12-11-11). Our contest champion mllrkllr88 managed a second place finish with a score of 8,621 points using a Core i7 6700K clocked at 5,725MHz (+43.12%) with a 16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws V kit at 2,081MHz (CL12-11-11). Both overclockers used an ASRock Z170M OC Formula motherboard. Minicoopers of Germany made third place with a score of 8,386 points, followed by fellow German noliso with 8,284 points.

Congrats to mllrkllr88, and indeed to all 86 overclockers who took part. You can find all of the scores and submissions here on the Geekbench3 Memory Challenge contest page.


Taiwan sdougal says:

Congrats to mllrkllr88!

Canada marc0053 says:

Great job mllrkllr88! You're doing an amazing job!

Germany aerotracks says:

Congrats miller!

Italy delly says:

congrats mate!!:)

Noxinite says:

It was fun, I like this bench. Well done all!

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

Congrats Miller! Go team go? :D :P

United States Strong Island says:

congrats man

United States GtiJason says:

Nice David, kinda like my Haswell LCC win but a bit harder and no points. lol

websmile says:

It was a good competition, the only reason it received no points was because it was for evaluating the benchmark. Good work by the contestants :)

United States mllrkllr88 says:

Awesome, thanks for the cheers everyone! I really like that bench for competition because it scales well with memory and it seems cheat proof (if unlimited cooling/clocks).

United States sunset1 says:

Sweet! NICE JOB BUD!!!

Italy RULE says:

So we will see this benchamrk ranked? We need more memory benchmark and less random result benchmark.

websmile says:

Still in the queue, but for me personally the test was a success. We need indeed a reliable memory benchmark, Geekbench did good at the memory performace test comp

Canada Hilderman says:

Impressive Mllrkllr, congrats

Italy RULE says:

websmile said: Still in the queue, but for me personally the test was a success. We need indeed a reliable memory benchmark, Geekbench did good at the memory performace test comp
Maxxmem is pretty good in my opinion. It scale with mem freq, tight timings, cpu freq, cache freq. Inviato dal mio SM-A300FU utilizzando Tapatalk

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