OC-ESPORTS Roundup: January 2017 - Biggest January Ever

Its that time again when we take stock of the month that just past. As the first month of the year, you’d be forgiven for thinking that things have taken a slow start in 2017. You would be wrong however as statistics show January 2017 to be the biggest start to year ever on HWBOT and OC-ESPORTS. Let’s consider some ballpark data before we round up the current rankings on OC-ESPORTS.

Jan 2017, the Biggest and Busiest January Ever in Overclocking

In terms of overclockers making submissions on HWBOT, we can see that more than 4,000 overclockers made a submission throughout the month. A record for any January on record. In that period we saw more than 34,000 submissions, again a record. Undoubtedly the arrival of Intel’s Kaby Lake and its potential in terms of overclocking has made a huge impact. In benchmarks like Cinebench R15, we’ve seen the quad core record move from one overclocker to overclocker more times in one month than the entire previous year, largely as a result of Kaby Lake higher clock frequencies.

In terms of Rookie Overclocking, Rookie Rumble #40 (which ends in just a few days time) has seen the highest ever attendance with 511 overclockers competing. In terms of XTU submissions, the HWBOT actually received 94,000 connections from the XTU app.

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