Old School is Best School: Season 3 Round 3 Kicks Off February 15th - Socket 478 with Matrox GPUs

The next round of the Old School is Best School contest on OC-ESPORTS is almost upon us with Round 3 of Season 3 kicking off on February 15th. Round 3 actually takes us back to a pretty distant time in the past, inviting old time Overclockers and hardware archaeologists to bench on Intel’s classic socket 478 platform processors. In terms of GPUs Round 3 also involves some pretty rare Matrox chips that were current around fifteen years ago. Let’s have a look at the benchmarks and hardware limitations in a little more detail:

Old School is Best School Round 3: February 15th - March 15th

I’m pretty confident that there are plenty of forty something Overclockers out there who have fond memories of Socket 478 from Intel. One reason for this is that it actually spanned quite stretch of history - arriving on the scene in mid-2001 when it effectively replaced its predecessor, Socket 423, kicking around until mid-December 2004 when Intel launched the LGA 775 platform. It also involved a few classic Intel Pentium 4 processor architectures including Willamette, Northwood and Prescott, with chips manufactured using 180nm -90nm processes.

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