Cinebench R15 Quad Core Global First Place Timeline (updated)

The release of the Kaby Lake processors have sparked interesting battles across the site. Thanks to its superior clock frequency abilities compared to its Skylake counterpart, the i7 7700K is taking the top spots in a lot of rankings. One of those rankings is the Cinebench R15 4xCPU leaderboard. We pulled the top scores from 2017 and 2016 and found that in the month of January alone the Global First Place has been taken more times than in the entire 2016!

The current leader is Smoke from Russia with a CPU that can clock slightly over 6.8 GHz. Rtsurfer from the USA is the only person to have sit on the throne more than once this month.

All this points to a possible very interesting February ahead. I can't wait!

Update: Rtsurfer takes back the lead on February 1st! Ikki takes it on February 2nd!

Cinebench R15 Quad Core Global First Place Timeline

Date Score Overclocker CPU Memory Motherboard
4 Feb 2017 1546 Hideo Core i7 7700K 6848 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-3896 C12-12-12-28 ROG Maximus VIII Hero
2 Feb 2017 1544 Splave Core i7 7700K 6818 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-4068 C12-12-12-28 ASRock Z170M OC Formula
1 Feb 2017 1540 Rtsurfer Core i7 7700K 6800 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-4000 C12-12-12-28
31 Jan 2017 1539 Smoke Core i7 7700K 6806 MHz HyperX DDR4-4004 C12-12-12-28 ROG Maximus IX Apex
29 Jan 2017 1538 Rtsurfer Core i7 7700K 6821 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-4068 C12-11-11-28
22 Jan 2017 1532 Splave Core i7 7700K 6779 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-4068 C12-11-11-28 ASRock Z170M OC Formula
21 Jan 2017 1526 Hideo Core i7 7700K 6801 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-3924 C12-12-12-28 ROG Maximus VIII Hero
18 Jan 2017 1517 8 Pack Core i7 7700K 6800 MHz GALAX DDR4-4004 C12-12-12-28 ROG Maximus IX Apex
13 Jan 2017 1516 Rtsurfer Core i7 7700K 6776 MHz DDR4-4042 C12-11-11-28
03 Jan 2017 1515 Der8auer Core i7 7700K 6771 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-4116 C12-11-11-28 ROG Maximus IX Apex
02 Jan 2017 1502 BenchBros Core i7 7700K 6760 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-3864 C12-11-11-28 MSI Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium
23 Dec 2016 1488 Alex@ro Core i7 6700K 6650 MHz GALAX DDR4-4084 C12-12-12-28 ROG Maximus VIII Impact
18 Dec 2016 1483 Dancop Core i7 6700K 6615 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-2070 C12-12-12-28 ROG Maximus VIII Impact
23 Sep 2016 1480 Dancop Core i7 6700K 6641 MHz GALAX DDR4-4084 C12-12-12-28
1 Aug 2016 1459 Sofos1990 Core i7 6700K 6585 MHz DDR4-4038 C12-12-12-28 GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force LN2
11 Mar 2016 1450 Xtreme Addict Core i7 6700K 6528 MHz Corsair DDR4-3670 C12-12-12-28 ROG Maximus VIII Extreme
31 Jan 2016 1434 Rsannino Core i7 6700K 6512 MHz DDR4-3604 C11-17-17-30 ROG Maximus VIII Gene
30 Jan 2016 1425 Hideo Core i7 6700K 6400 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-3658 C11-18-18-28 ROG Maximus VIII Hero
19 Dec 2015 1424 Dancop Core i7 6700K 6375 MHz G.SKILL DDR4-3642 C12-12-12-28 ROG Maximus VIII Gene

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