HWBOT Poll: Will you purchase AMD Ryzen on launch day?

With AMD's Ryzen processor launch coming up around the same time the Game Developers Conference, we are looking forward to the response of the overclocking enthusiast community. As you know, AMD has announced that all their processors will be unlocked and able to overclock which is contrary to Intel's strategy of only offering overclocking on the HEDT and K-sku parts. Overclocking is still limited to the most expensive motherboards featuring the X370 chipset, so there is still a premium to pay. That being said, with the rumored prices for the 8-core processors in mind the AMD platform may have a HUGE impact on the community.

In our poll, we ask the community "Will you purchase AMD Ryzen on launch day?" and give 6 options: Yes, 8C16T , Yes, 8C8T, "Yes, 4C4T", "Yes, all SKUs!, "Yes, if the benchmarks are good" and "No, not at all". Currently, it appears the vote is split between a third saying they'll go straight for the most high-end part, a third indicating they will wait for the benchmark results and a third completely dismissing the processors altogether.

To cast your vote, simply check the sidebar on our home page and check the option of your choice.