k|ngp|n Breaks 3DMark Time Spy World Record, Plus Single GPU GFP

The legendary k|ngp|n has been busy in the last day or two, getting down to some solid benching on the 3DMark Time Spy benchmark. The result is that we now have a new World Record for the benchmark with Vince hitting a new high score of 31,138 marks. Time Spy is a benchmark that tends to scale well with multi-GPU configurations, a fact which k|ngp|n exploited, using 4x Nvidia Titan X Pascal cards to achieve the record. It’s interesting to note that he also took time to do a single GPU run using 1x Pascal X card to make a Global First Place ranked score.

The New World Record for 3DMark Time Spy of 31,138 marks was made with all four Nvidia Titan X Pascal cards with their GPUs Overclocked to a very impressive 2,250MHz, a whopping +58.79% beyond the card’s stock settings. Graphics memory was configured at 1,470MHz which is 17.6% beyond stock. The rig also included an Intel Core i7 6950X 'Broadwell-E' processor which was clocked at a tasty 5,200MHz (+73.33%).

The single GPU Global First Place ranked score of 12,692 marks was made with the GPU clocked, as you may expect, a little higher than what we saw with the 4x setup, hitting 2,300MHz (+62.31%) on the GPU frequency and 1,500MHz on the graphics memory (+20%). This score was made using a mATX board from EVGA - the EVGA X99 Micro2 board.

The score earns k|ngp|n 128.4 points. In terms of dominance in this realm of 4x GPU overclocking, he is now some way ahead of the pack. His nearest competitor at the moment is fellow US Overclocker Menthol who currently resides in second place with a score of 27,462 marks. This gives k|ngp|n a healthy lead of 3,676 marks.

You can check out the new World Record score for 3DMark Time Spy from k|ngp|n here, as well as the overall Time Spy rankings from the HWBOT database here.

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