Dancop Breaks SuperPi 32M World Record, with a Run of 4mins 14sec 797ms

Current HWBOT World No.1 Dancop from Germany busted one of the most iconic and historically relevant benchmark records around, essentially blowing the doors off the SuperPi 32M World Record with a run of just 4mins 14sec and 797ms. This is some way ahead of the pack with Japanese legend fredyama closest to Dancop in second place in the rankings with a score of 4mins 17sec 500ms.

You’ll probably not be surprised to hear that the new SuperPi 32M World Record was made using a Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K. You may however be more than a little impressed when you hear that Daniel managed to push his special chip to a massive 7,111.09MHz (+69.31%), a configuration that is quite far head of any other SuperPi 32M submission on the SuperPi 32M leaderboard. Being a benchmark that is sensitive to memory timings, it’s also important to note that he used a G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 kit set at 2,101MHz (DDR4-4202) using timings CL12.0 11-11-28 1T. The rig used featured an ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex motherboard.

Congrats to Dancop who plants another line in the sand with this score, largely because the SuperPi 32M benchmark is actually a great way to plot the progress of technology as a whole. Consider that using a Skylake Core i7 6700K Dancop was able to score around 4min 25sec, we can clearly see that Kaby Lake provides considerable improvement at 8 seconds faster. When we consider that back in the year 2000 it took an Intel Pentium III at 805MHz 1hour 56min 39sec to complete a run, it’s clear that we really have come a long way.

You can find the World Record breaking score from Dancop here, as well as the overall SuperPi 32M rankings here.

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