Overclockers UK Retail 8Pack CPUs, Delidded Core i7 7700Ks with 1 Year Warranty

OverclockersUK have added a new product line to their 8Pack branded offerings, selling delidded Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K chips. According to Luca at Ocaholic, all 8Pack CPUs have not only been delidded with the TIM replaced by Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal, they are guaranteed to hit 5GHz at voltages under 1.35v and come with a one year warrantee from the retailer. No more CPU lottery!

“What’s actually great about the offer from Overclockers UK is the fact, that there is still warranty on these chips. If you delid a CPU yourself there won’t be any warranty service anymore. Therefore it’s quite risky if you want to do so or not, especially considering that during the process the chip could be damaged.”

“All the Core i7-7700K 8-Pack Edition processors are guaranteed to hit clock speeds of 5 GHz with a CPU voltage lower than 1.35V. In addition all CPUs support memory with 4000MHz+ which ensures, they’re compatible with all the fast memory kits out there. The downside: well those 8-Pack chips cost quite a bit more. To be a bit more precise Overclockers UK charge a 115£ premium. Nevertheless included in the price is a 1 year warranty plan.”

Catch the full story here on Ocaholic.ch. You can also learn about the 8Pack CPUs from the big man himself here on the Overclockers UK forum.

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