Buildzoid Takes a Closer Look at the ASUS Maximus IX Apex Motherboard

A few days ago Buildzoid posted a new video on his Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel, solely focused on the latest and greatest motherboard from ASUS – the ROG Maximus IX Apex. The board has already made quite an impact on HWBOT where it already has seen more submissions than any other Z270 motherboard. It was created by the ASUS R&D team to be the best performing motherboard for the new Kaby Lake platform, and if world records are anything to go by, they have done a fantastic job.

Buildzoid basically takes us a tour of the Maximus IX Apex. He kicks off with his thoughts on a slightly pared-down back panel IO, where he is delighted to see PS/2 ports for the keyboard and mouse. Did you know USB can affect stability under extreme temperatures and high BCLK configurations? You do now. The fact that the board features no USB 2.0 ports, only USB 3.0 ports is a source of minor disappointment however.

Buildzoid, as you would expect, also brings his technical expertise to the plate with an assessment of the motherboard’s power delivery, specifically the VRM. The VRM in fact uses a few components that he has never seen before, as well as more familiar components from International Rectifier and On Semiconductor. The conclusion is that considering the power needs of Kaby Lake processors, the VRM is pretty much overkill. The board in fact uses a true 8+2 phase design, pretty much as much as you can achieve without using a doubling scheme.

We look forward to live streamed OC sessions that will feature the Maxiumus IX Apex being put through its paces. Until then, you can catch this video here on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel.

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