CPU Overclocking vs. Power Consumption

Very interesting (but long) read!

As for the power consumption “leaders” they are Phenom II and Core i7 CPUs. Overclocking these processors causes a much more substantial increase in the system power consumption than in all other cases. And I am not talking only about the absolute values here. Even in relative prospective, overclocking these CPUs may cause about 40—50% increase in system power consumption. Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable power supply for an overclocker system, make sure that you will have at least that much capacity in reserve.


TiN says:

Useful article.

I made own measurements even before it, and data i got proven that power consumption raise very fast (almost by exponent) with every voltage raise up. Q6600 G0 with only 4GHz but on 1.6V eated 350Watts easily. E8600 at 6GHz 1.825V eated near 300W in aquamark.

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