Der8auer Launches Delid-Die-Mate 2

Roman 'der8auer' Hartung this week launched the second edition of his Delid-Die-Mate, an ingeniously simple tool for delidding modern Intel CPUs. Dubbed the Delid-Die-Mate 2, it has an improved design that makes it more compact and lighter, being made of high quality anodized aluminum. It also comes in black and features a cool looking der8auer logo on the side.

If you are extreme overclocker you will no doubt know and understand the value of delidding the CPU and replacing the thermal paste with liquid metal. Basically you get a much improved thermal exchange between the integrated heats spreader (IHS) and the silicon itself. The problem is that actually getting the IHS off the chip can prove to be a major challenge, even for seasoned pros. Extreme overclockers around the world could share horror stories of utterly mutilated CPUs that have fallen victim razor blade hacking. The Delid-Die-Mate resolves the entire issue in an elegant and thoroughly simplistic way.

In this video, Roman gives us a demonstration of how the Delid-Die-Mate works. You simply place your processor in the aluminum housing, add the cover and tighten the screw to hold it in place. Then with a few turns of a Hex key the HIS just pops off. Another great feature of the second gen product, is that it also comes with a vice-like tool to help re-glue the HIS, holding it firmly in place within the housing while the glue dries.

The Delid-Die-Mate will be a available in a few weeks for 29 Euros, and according to Roman it will in fact be available globally. You can find the product page with more details about the Delid-Die-Mate here on the Caseking website. You can also watch a video where Roman explains the new design and gives a demonstration here on his YouTube channel.

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