VRMark Challenge Contest Launched on OC-ESPORTS, Starts Jan 28

Today we bring you news about a new contest that will be launched on OC-ESPORTS in just over a week’s time – welcome to the VRMark Challenge. The name of the contest kind of gives away some details. The VRMark Challenge is centered on the relatively new VRMark benchmark that is now part of the 3DMark suite from Futuremark. The contest begins on January 28th, finishing on the 28th of February exactly one month later.

The VRMark contest consists of two separate stages based around both the Orange Room benchmark and the more intense Blue Room benchmark. The VRMark Orange Room benchmark that is designed to asses if a PC meets the recommended hardware requirements for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR technologies. The Blue Room benchmark uses a huge 5K rendering resolution coupled with spectacular volumetric lighting effects, and is in fact one of the most demanding 3D benchmarks available today.

In terms of hardware limitations, it’s all very simple and straight forward. Overclockers can use any processor (or indeed any number of processors) with any single GPU. Bring it on! Futuremark verification link required.

You can check out the VRMark Challenge contest page here on OC-ESPORTS.

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