Overclocking World Championship - Las Vegas 2017 Qualifier: Full Roundup

The HWBOT World Tour 2017 got under way a week or so ago with its first stop ever in the US. Arriving in Las Vegas in time for CES 2017, one of the biggest tech industry trade shows of the year, the Las Vegas 2017 event included a Performance Matters Kick Off Event and Party, Overclocking Workshops for newcomers and of course, two days of intense Extreme Overclocking in the form the Overclocking World Championship Las Vegas 2017 Qualifier. The idea is simple. At each stop of the HWBOT World Tour, Extreme Overclockers are invited to compete for a spot in the World Championship Final at the end of the year and a chance to become Overclocking World Champion 2017. Let’s take a look at the scores and stories from the first leg of the OCWC Qualifier contest.

Overclocking World Championship 2017: The Ultimate Global OC Contest

The format of the Overclocking World Championship Qualifier will be identical at each of the World Tour locations this year. All Overclockers will be given unlimited access to LN2 and the task of trying to achieve the highest scores possible on a number of predetermined benchmarks. The final day of the event will involve the top four highest scoring Overclockers competing head to head in 1v1, 30 minute benching sessions. These will include two Semi-Finals, plus a Bronze Final and a Grand Final to decide the winner.

Read the full round up article here on the OC-ESPORTS website

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