Throwback Thursday: GIGABYTE Tease X58X-OC Motherboard

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday, a day of the week when we allow ourselves a nostalgic glance at a time in the past. This week we take you back to day in January 2011 when GIGABYTE leaked the first peak of the X58X-OC motherboard, arguably the first motherboard that was designed by an Overclocker, for Overclockers. The X58X-OC was of course designed by legendary Taiwanese Overclocker HiCookie, GIGABYTE’s in-house overclocker and overall performance guru.

The X58X-OC motherboard was the first board that was actually marketed as an Overclocking motherboard. It featured a stunning 12 phase VRM with POScaps, MPFC Chokes, and DriverMOSFETs – all way, way beyond spec. Plus it was the first board to feature individual buttons for changing CPU frequency. Even the back panel IO was paired back, offering just four USB ports, PS2 ports, basic audio and Ethernet. Back in 2011 this is what Dino had to say about the board, which at this time, had only been whispered about behind closed doors:

What do you get when you give an overclocker freedom to design a new OC board?

Cookie’s been busy and I hear he’s expecting a new bun out of the oven or did they say a board of some kind?!? She is matte black (hmm or white?!?) with orange stripes and some unusual looking features. Wait, where’s the rest of the I/O panel? Some of you know this board as the new “orange OC board” but in fact her real name is X58A-OC. I can’t wait to show you more of this board that’s designed by overclockers for overclockers. Stay tuned!

Catch the original post on HWBOT back on January 21st 2011. The comments are worth a read for sure.

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