AMD Confirms All Ryzen CPUs Will Be Unlocked and OC-Ready

According to reports from the broader tech media, fears that AMD would limit full out overclocking on its forthcoming Ryzan CPUs to just high-end models have proved to be unfounded. KitGuru and others are reporting that AMD have in fact confirmed that all Ryzan CPUs will have fully unlocked multipliers and be ready for overclocking straight out of the box:

“AMD has confirmed with some slide releases that the next-generation CPUs it will be releasing as part of its Ryzen range, will have fully unlocked multipliers. That’s not a restriction to high-end chips either: every single Ryzen CPU will be ‘unlocked,’ meaning every chip can be overclocked very easily.”

“While once upon a time overclocking was a lucky extra that some CPUs were more capable of than others, somewhere along the way Intel decided it could use overclocking ability as a selling point, so it only unlocked the multiplier on some of its chips. That’s not a tactic AMD plans to use with its Ryzen chips though.”

“Of course you will still need a decent motherboard with the right features (x370, x300 and B350 chipsets only) and enough stability to make it work – as with any overclock – but you won’t need a specialist CPU. You also don’t need fancy memory either, as one of the advantages of multiplier overclocking is that it affects the CPU only.”

Surely this is good news for Overclocking with AMD is not limiting overclocking to a select number of high-end SKUs. It means that just as in the good old days, folks can get their hands on a cheaper model and have fun cranking it up to higher performance levels. Discuss or add a comment in the form link below:


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