[Video] PC World Cover 'Performance Matters' Kick Off Event

Last week HWBOT invited overclockers, media and industry partners to the Performance Matters Kick Off Event and Party. Sponsored by Intel it was a great way to launch the new Kaby Lake platform and also the HWBOT World Tour 2017. Plenty of tech media made it to the event, including PC World’s Gordon Mah Ung. Gordon and co published an article entitled ‘Liquid nitrogen meets Kaby Lake processors in an extreme overclocking challenge’. Gordon explains:

“Yes, Virginia, you can overclock a Kaby Lake CPU. At the HWbot World Tour kickoff event at CES, Gordon Mah Ung got to witness the world’s best overclockers mess around with liquid nitrogen in order to squeeze the most speed possible out of a Kaby Lake CPU. Would you believe 7GHz? Mmm-hmm.”

“This event is just a warm-up—the qualifying round happens Thursday night, and the finals are on Friday, so be sure to check HWbot.org when CES is over to see the results. Watch the video to see what happens when overclocking becomes an extreme sport.”

The video is a really good watch encapsulating the event from the perspective of a more mainstream audience. Gordon explains what Extreme Overclocking with LN2 is all about, comparing it drag racing. You can check out the video here embedded on the PC World website, or catch it here on the PC World YouTube channel.

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