Performance Matters Kick-off Event in Las Vegas: The Photo Album

The HWBOT World Tour website just posted some pictures of the Performance Matters Kick Off event that took place on the eve of CES 2017 just a few days ago. The HWBOT World Tour team with partners Intel and TechnikPR invited several overclockers from around the world to showcase the latest Intel Kaby Lake chips and plus newly launched Z270 motherboards from several prominent vendors. Here’s an excerpt:

The HWBOT World Tour 2017 started in fine style this week with the Performance Matters Kick Off Event and Party. The event was hosted by HWBOT, Intel and TechnkPR at The Palms Sky Villa in Las Vegas. Several top name Overclockers from around the world were invited to demonstrate the overclocking potential of the latest Intel processors.

As you can see from the photo album below, the event was successful in drawing together industry partners as well as media and of course, Overclockers. The Overclockers in attendance represent a global Overclocking scene and included Der8auer (EU), Stephonz (US), DognaOCer (JP) and Bboyjezz (APAC).

To showcase the latest platform from Intel, several leading motherboard vendors were also in attendance showcasing the newly arrived Z270 motherboards. Motherboard partners included ASUS, ASRock, EVGA, GIGABYTE and MSI. Each Overclocker was given his own benching station were he could use the copious amount of LN2 on hand to push the latest Core i7 7700K to the limit.

You can find the complete photo album on the OverClocking-TV Facebook page here. You can also find the full news article on the HWBOT World Tour website here.

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